Wendy Taxis is a self taught Canadian artist, born in Toronto and now living in Bancroft, Ontario. She has always been drawn to sculpture and has experimented with various mediums.

“Working with wire was a happy accident. When we were building our new house I started picking up pieces of wire and began playing with them. Wire is easy to obtain and can be formed in many ways. It is flexible and forgiving but also has memory. You can doodle with wire creating a 3dimensional piece from one strand or you can use many strands to create volume. For me, working with wire means endless possibilities without rules or restrictions.”

Wendy is a member of the Bancroft Art Gallery and A Place for the Arts Co-operative. Her work is on display at the Bancroft Art Gallery, The Botanical Glass Works in Barry's Bay, A Place for the Arts in Bancroft, Tin House Woodworking in Coe Hill and Necessities in Bancroft. She has participated in several juried shows and won best 3 dimensional sculpture for her Peacock shoe and special mention for her piece entitled Swan Song.

Wendy works out of her studio in Bancroft.